Welcome to Mountain Time Now

The old blog “Lookin for a Home” has served its purpose, and it is time to move on to other ruminations. Sometime the lines may be as simple as a meal or a trip. Politics, well, it would be nice if the topic could be avoided; but then almost everything is political. Plus, at my age, 75, everything becomes harder to understand; but then it’s also apparent that humans have never understood anything.

So, much of what goes on these pages will be my opinion or my interpretation of my perspective. I’m constantly trying to learn, so my opinion can change by the hour. I’d love to hear you side of the story, too.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Mountain Time Now

  1. I understand, and I am dropping put of Facebook for similar reasons. I will still lurk but I am no longer posting or following anyone closely. I never have blogged and now I am out of the advice business I am not sure my observations are worthy pf much attention either.


  2. Hello!
    I look forward to following your blog. Hope to read about your favorite restaurant, political rants or info on downright shenanigans. Any subject you write about will be enjoyable.
    Thanks for the invitation to your blog!


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