There might be some unfortunate readers that have been waiting breathlessly for a continuation of this exciting saga, but the story must wait for a few weeks. In addition to the interruption of the holidays and not a small bit of sloth on my part, I find that using a keyboard with one hand to be quite difficult.

You see, I broke my left hand while unwisely trying to walk across our ice-covered alley while wearing cowboy boots. It was an accident that could have easily been avoided just by turning around to walk just 50 feet farther on bare, concrete sidewalk.

Age, it seems, has made me no wiser.

10 thoughts on “Intermission

  1. Lazy, old and dumb. Three words I never thought would come to mind when thinking of you, Jan.
    Can’t do a thing about old but admitting you are lazy yet still deciding to take the shorter, ice-covered path was just plain dumb. Take Care! Steve

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  2. Yeah, I have to admit to being one of your misguided and now less-than-sated groupies. I guess I’ll have to resort to the latest Jack Reacher episode for my literary thrills. I was going to save it for our Mexico trip next month but leave me no choice.


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